"Snake Charmer"

"Snake Charmer"

10x11 inches, light cardstock, satin finish

Meet Bindi, one tough little kangaroo rat! Rattlers are a huge problem for little creatures like her, but during her runs in and out of homes, she would catch moments of shows on the humans' TVs. Bindi thought to herself that she could be just as brave as those humans on the TV. After being chased by yet another rattler, Bindi snuck in while the humans were asleep, grabbed a credit card from the wallet on the counter, and thanks to modern technology, was able to order herself an outfit from two toy lines. Bindi waited for the box to arrive to the house she snuck into, nibbled her way into it, and toook off with her order before the humans had a chance to wonder who stole their info and why there were tiny little clothes in a box. The next time she went out, she put on her outfit of bravery and when that rattle snake came looking for his next meal, Bindi showed him that she too was a force not to be messed with.  


Bindi was created for a contest and was inspired by a mixture of Crocodile Dundee (her hat), Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin), and a scene from The Rescuers Down Under where the kangaroo rat wrestled a snake. Rats/mice can fight back against snakes and can actually do harm to a snake, so I used that to make a little cartoon (no cartoon snakes were harmed, just pounced on enough to think twice about that meal). The challenge was actually for a warrior mouse and I found out afterwards that this rodent is an Ord's Kangaroo Rat (from the North American plains/western regions) so it didn't make it to the final judging rounds, but it was cute enough to offer as prints! 

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