Kids Orange Cartoon Cats Mask

Kids Orange Cartoon Cats Mask

Matching Adult Size available!

This fabric is not able to be restocked. I have searched for it, but it seems to be discontinued. If I find it again, I can always make more.

All masks come with starter filters. Adult masks come with ear savers!


Since adults have roughly the same size heads, it's easiest to use loops. Meanwhile your kiddos may not all be the same age/size. For kid's size, I took away the need for ear savers and left you with ties instead. They still have a filter pocket and come with a starter filter. Loops are tough because "one size fits most" doesnt apply to the anatomy differences kids have from age group to age group. Your 5 year old is going to be smaller than your 9 year old.


I also kept in mind that in multiple child houses, kids might decide to swap masks after parents do the laundry (I know my friend's trio would do this). This allows the mask to grow with your kid (I was one of those got tall fast kids) and it keeps pressure off of their ears (I know I hated things on my ears as a kid/ears were more "sensitive" as a kid). The downside is, an adult or older kid (for those with older siblings) will be asked (and sometimes pestered) to tie it and after a certain age, the novelty of having to tie things suddenly becomes a more annoying chore. One of the many bummers of growing up 🤣

  • Care Instructions

    Masks are sewn with nylon thread for durability. Please remove filter before washing as they are not washable! ALL COTTON IS PRE-SHRUNK so your mask wont ball up and shrink. If you want them to last longer, handwash or machine wash on gentile with laundry. I advise against washing in hot water via machine wash as it will stress the fabric after several washes (think of undergarments thrown in the washer on hot).

    My fabric is washed with free & clear, allergy friendly soap. I do not use any fabric softener. Masks are handmade and are created in a clean environment- NO SMOKE, NO PETS, NO SMELLY THINGS LIKE CANDLES OR INCENSE! They will be given to you in sealed bags.

    Filters are PM2.5 which you can read more about those here:

    I currently only have filters in stock to ship with masks, but will add replacement filters for these soon!

  • Disclaimer!

    By purchasing this product you agree that you have read and understood the following:

    These are NOT substitutes for medical PPE! These are good, however, for allergies, cutting the lawn, woodworking, cleaning out dusty barns (hay dust!), and all around personal at home use. By purchasing, you understand that they are not medical grade equipment and should not be used in a medical setting. Friendly reminder that I was a medic and these are in no way acceptable to "use as PPE". If you need a mask for medical reasons, please purchase the appropriate medical masks that are approved for PPE.

    If your job allows you to wear cotton masks, these are fine. These would NOT fly in a hospital or ambulance setting and they are not being sold as a way for you to get around wearing certified PPE. These masks are created for you to use for situations as I have listed. 

    I personally use masks for bad allergy days and when I'm working on crafts that involve spraying paint, fur fabric that has to be shaved, or anything that kicks up dust.

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